Automatically Download and Install eBooks

How to download and install eBooks directly from the internet using the eBook Reader program...

[0] Launch eBook Reader using icon on the desktop.

[1] Press the import eBook button.

[1] Select: Download and install from internet.
[2] Type your Licence/READ code and press [Submit] button.
[3] The eBook(s) that you have purchased will be selected.
Press the [Download Selected] button to begin downloading the eBook(s).

[1] The eBook(s) have been downloaded: press the [Install Selected] button to install them

The eBook will now be installed into the eBook Reader.

During the eBook installation the eBook Reader program will close and you will another window showing you the progress of the eBook being imported.

Once the process is complete the eBook Reader program will automatically launch again.

You eBook is now ready for Unlocking/Viewing…